witchbaby (witchbaby1979) wrote,

the legend of why i hate the get up kids.

i'm so sick of everyone in this state being into the get up kids. here's a tale about the get up kids: ryen pope & the rest of those pretentious little snots went to the same high school as i did. one was abusive to his girlfriend, whom i knew. i won't go into details. the other one delt opium to my friend clint. that was really the only good thing about that particular get up kid.
one night, at gee coffee (anyone remember gee coffee...*sniff*sniff*?) my friend shannon was sweeping up after yet another mediocre get up kids show. after she was all finished she gazed over at the get up kids and their posse of uber hip indie rock whoremonger band aids who were all smoking cigarettes and pretending to act depressed and oh so cool. one of them asked shannon: "so are you all done cleaning up for the night." shannon answered "yes". the get up kid who asked her if she was done then proceeded to dump over an entire glass bowl of chex mix on the ground on purpose. then shannon had to clean up the whole wonderful rock star mess.

and that is why i hate the get up kids.
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