witchbaby (witchbaby1979) wrote,

goals oh those cheesy goals...

i've decided that every time i make an entry i'm going to force myself to say one nice thing to myself. i know this is cheesy but i have to do this to get better.

i think i look very pretty with my hair back to it's (more or less) origional brunette color. i haven't been a true brunette since i started dying my hair sometime in high school. (i wanted to be tori amos). but it brings out a pretty color in my cheeks and brings out my complextion (which actually is very nice).

i also think that i want to give myself a clara bow haircut. i was toying with the uma thurman do but now i think i want to do the clara bow cut. i just saw that really good documentary about her on tcm. i love clara bow.

she was so cute, she called her fans her "wonderful fan friends" and tried to read and write back to every single person. i want to cuddle up and hug clara bow.

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