witchbaby (witchbaby1979) wrote,

oh my god i think i just had a stroke!!!!!!

i happened to flip through the channels a few nights ago to stumble on the abysmally bad saturday night live. i watched snl's pathetic stabs at trying to be humorous with pain & revulsion. jack black was on. i find jack black 1/2 the time sort of funny and most of the time a glorified frat fuck who's losing his hair. maybe it has something to do with that whole shallow hal pile of seagull vomit that tried to pass itself off as a "movie" (and i use that term loosely in reference to that peice of hate-mongering garbage) a few years ago.
however, i was gazing upon the national disaster that snl has become only to be furtherly entertained by the musical lineup performing on the show: the strokes.
wow. talk about a no-talent falacy of musical trash! in a way, i believe that eventually i will become a strokes fan. i will only become a strokes fan when they become washed up heroin addicts whose videos pop up now and again on pop up whatever happened to video day. this is what i did with hanson. for some reason, the strokes really remind me of hanson. kind of like hanson on drugs. i just really do find it entirely laughable that they're trying to pass themselves off as an indie rock band by brandishing their straight off the wracks of urban outfitter's fake chic "thrift store" clothes and their nonsensical lyrics. they're indie rock for the 14 year old girl just getting over the backstreet boys set, but who still aren't able to make a full committment to real avant garde music. of course, some of the girls into the strokes now will eventually bridge that gap to become really intelligent musical listeners. believe it or not, this happened to a lot of the little girls screaming over hanson back in 1997. i used to be friends with a few of these people who i can honestly say, let hanson lead them on to more inspired musical choices. everyone has their breakthrough band that shows them the alternatives in music, no matter how bizarre that breakthrough band may be. thank god my breakthrough band was the doors. i somehow managed to escape the whole boy band phenomina and break on through to the dark side early on. then again, in 1992 (when i entered seventh grade...god that makes me sound like a cro-magnon) boy bands were pretty hard to come by. thankfully i came of age during the grunge hey-day. i matured listening to belly ("feed the tree"), beck ("loser"), nirvana ("smells like teen spirit","come as you are", "heart shaped box"), pearl jam ("jeremy" ok so what if now they suck?), and of course my musical savior: tori. top 40 radio was reguarly playing music by people who think. imagine that! luckily i was always a thinking person, so that music, thank god really spoke to me. it woke me up. pundents say what you must about the downfall of grunge: it gave rock & roll back to the true rebels. it told us that it was ok to dye our hair funky colors and read poetry and be creative and not buy into gender norms. of course it had its faults. but it was pure. i don't see that purity in much mainstream music this day, but i still have faith in true alternative music.
i don't see any purity in the strokes nor in any of the other so-called indie rock bands who perform partly to pretend that they aren't of the same breed as any of your other average run of the mill misogonistic rex-manning hair band men while at the same time feeling fine with letting girls give them blow-jobs backstage. the other part of the reason most of these bands pretend to be "indie rock" is to show off the latest apparel from urban outfitters in hopes that they will come across as the newest urban looking male models. don't kid yourself folks: 1/2 of the "indie rock scene" (if you can call it that) is about music, the other 1/2 is about looking hip and sexy enough to be able to fuck the male or female versions of themselves. it's a "scene" for true narcissists.
now lets talk about REAL indie rock. real indie rock comes from the mind of someone who is an indipendent thinker. real indie rock comes from the driving need to express yourself and your views of the human condition. screw labels. it doesn't matter if it's a big label or a small label. both are just as controlling and both are what every musician aspires to be on. fuck labels. true indie rock comes from the soul, not from the sales rack. let's please not forget the pure joy of what music is about. let's not become runway models in minstrel clothes. let's not all have a stroke.
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