witchbaby (witchbaby1979) wrote,

terminator2 yahoo group...

...is the best message group online! i just joined it today. i'm a huge fan of jt leroy's and the site was created by him. he posts messages to the group reguarly & everyone on the group is so fucking sweet and loving. i put up a message saying that i was a new member who had just joined & i got a dozen sweet responses that people sent complete with cute little virtual kisses. this is the last newsgroup i would ever think would be SWEET. i thought they would all be pretentious jerks, like the lawrence indie rawk kids. but they are the polar opposite. gives me faith in people from different regions of the country who don't have giant trees jammed up their asses just because they're creative. they all (including jt) are incredibly sweet, nerdy, goofy, & unpretentious. they all are like a giant loving funny group of friends. it's fucking incredible! getting messages from them brightened my day:)
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