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welcome back to drama station

so i get back to lawrence yesterday only to find out that cuntface heather & her bohunk tony were back in town. jess had been informed earlier that they were coming and then they had never called her back. so she went ahead and made plans with me to eat dinner at the orient. then, on the way over, she gets a call from cuntface saying that she was on her way. cuntface then put jess on a horrible guilt trip because they had already made plans. jess told me all this and said she didn't know what to do. she was very upset (i haven't seen her that upset in a long time). i told her that there was no pressure from my side and that the easiest thing to do would be to go eat dinner with cuntface. i didn't want to add to the shitty position jess was being put in by making ridiculous demands of her. i also find out from aaron that bohunk & cuntface are going to be stopping by to pick up some of their white trash that they managed to leave behind (guess they never considered bringing back any of the stuff she STOLE from ryen, eh?)so i went ahead and went downtown to eat at la parilla. after i ate at la parilla i went over to henry's thinking, oh both of them are vehement non-smokers (jess used to go to henry's a bit but stopped partly because of her night job(s) and partly, i think, because she hates ciggy smoke). so yeah i'm sitting there. my friends trisha, max, and uriah are all there and lo & behold, in walks jess & cuntface. i just sat there smiling at cuntface smoking my cigarette. i think that the only thing that could have possibly made the entire situation even more appropriate was if music from a spaghetti western had been playing in the background. of course, cuntface kept looking in the other direction, obviously uncomfortable. hehe. jess came over saying, in her best jess-way: "jokers to the left of me jokers to my right...stuck in the middle again." she then appologized for bringing heather there and then said that she really hoped that i wasn't hurt and that she felt like such a shit-heel. she said that they were going to be going. i told jess that i wasn't mad at her, that henry's was a public place, and that all i really wanted was for her to get the hell out of there because it was really a lot for me to not go over to that fucking cunt of a whore and smack her senseless. jess understood my rage. of course i didn't say that whole part about heather being a cunt of a whore. i'm not mad at jess. i told her to hang out with her basically just to make myself not look as pathetically petty as cuntface and for jess to maybe examine the way in which cuntface abuses her as a friend. i think she's digesting this. of course, it's hard not to sound petty when you're continually refering to a person as "cuntface". they left very soon after they stepped inside. heh.
i went over to max & trisha's which i hadn't ever done before. oh my god. they live in a total filthy shithole. it smelled sooo bad. i hate saying that but really it stank. they have a millin cats. i think they have about 10 cats at least. 2 of the cats have had a litter of kittens. one little grey kitten was really cute. i had fun talking to all of them though. although, max kind of bothers me a little bit because he has a weird tendency to make sexual references and that makes me feel a little uncomfortable sometimes. he's trisha's (soon to be) husband. however, max is flirty and is completely harmless. i would never find him attractive. it just wouldn't work for me. but if he gave me a reason to be weirded out i'd go by that, but he doesn't do anything remotely threatening. he's very sweet, just a little too overzealous with the sexualized comments for my liking.

i came home at 4 am. then today jess & i went to india palace.

talk to you later.
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