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ode to lauryn hill...amongst other things

i went to borders today and bought the new lauryn hill cd. i didn't know that it was out and had no intention of buying it, but it's fucking fabulously brilliant. she's a genius. i'm rediscovering her. now i want to listen to the miseducation again. i want to by some fugees albums also. listening to lauryn hill is so real and amazing. she's so human and above all the stupid bullshit of marketing and slickness. a true artist. loving and brilliant. a modern day nina simone.
i'm getting more and more tired of indie rock. it's so fucking vapid. the scene that is, and a good portion of the music. there's 2 types of indie rock: the inovators and the leaches. the inovators are people exploring different alternatives to creating music. the leaches are the people who cling to the styles of indie rock, the music sensibilities and the fashion and use that as their "talent". i'm afraid the indie rock scene is turing into a scene made up of the majority of the leaches.
i'm also beginning to realize how quietly racist the indie rock scene is. it's made up almost entirely of white suburban kids talking about white suburban issues. the beauty standard is white as snow caucasian. of course they all profess to being incredibly leftist, but how leftist can a scene be that is so elitist as the indie rock scene? black people have no place in the indie rock scene. it's indirect racism. i don't really want to be a part of it anymore. not like i ever was anyway.
I WANT HONEST BEAUTIFUL MUSIC!!! i don't want lies anymore. i'm paring down my musical listening pallet to people who i truly respect as persons of integrity and soul. no more players.
i'm becoming more about:
jeff buckley
lauryn hill
nick drake
the white stripes
nina simone
belle & sebastian
le tigre

these are people who believe in their music. these are people i'd like to snuggle with. these are people i want to support as artists. i'm over with buying the newest vapid indie rock boy band. they're not a part of my life anymore.
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