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witchbaby1979's Journal

21 December
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i live in a small, midwestern college town. i'm getting my bfa in painting soon...then moving on to greener pastures (pref. on one of the coasts as i very much realize that i am not a midwestern girl). i live in a co-op that simultaneously drives me insane & makes me very happy. my most common activities are school attending, i work part-time in an art gallery as a security monitor (aka i get paid to do nothing), 90% of my day centers around making art on some level. i make my own sketchbooks and am usually working/creating/writing in my sketchbooks. i make a few comic strips. i'm currently working on three different comics: la vie banal (a comic about my friends and me...oh god...how very indie rock)..., open-minded souls (a comic of overheard conversations in coffee shops), and random installments in the zine i'm working on with 2 of my friends called perpetual disdain, where we basically mock ourselves...fun expiraments in shallow behavior indeed. usually i'm hanging out at my favorite coffee shop, Henry's in the evenings or watching movies with my film-maker friend, jess. so that's my crazy little life.

some of the music i'm into:
nina simone, the white stripes, belle & sebastian, lauryn hill, bjork, goldfrapp, le tigre, jeff buckley, sleater-kinney, billie holliday, cabaret, moldy peaches, nick drake, slumber party, the pixies, velvet underground,

some of the authors/books i'm into:
jd salinger, milan kundera, jean rhys, anne lamott, jt leroy, david sedaris, myla goldberg, francesca lia block, dorothy parker, odd girl out, franny & zooey, dangerous angels: the weetzie bat books, the heart is decietful above all things, sarah, nakes, barrel fever, me talk pretty one day, bee season, bird by bird, travelling mercies, the rose & the beast, little altars everywhere,

some of the artists i'm into:
margaret kilgallen, sabrina ward harrison, frieda kahlo, barry mcgee, david wojnarowicz, robbie conol,
6 feet under, amélie, anne lamott, art, art deco, arty flicks, austin stories, barry mcgee, belle & sebastian, big poofy chairs, billie holliday, bitch magazine, bjork, bob haircuts, bomb-shells, boy feminism, boy positivism, burlesque revivalism, busby berkley, bust magazine, cabaret, cabarets!, carson mccullers, cemetaries in hollywood, charlie chaplin, charlie chaplin (my crushableboyobject*), chorus grrrls, clara bow, coffee, creating art, cupie bow lips, curvy girls, dahlia's, daphne scholinski, david bowie, david sedaris, david wojnarowicz, dorothy parker, drew barrymore, edward gorey, eleni mandell, favorite coffee shop=henry's, feminism, femme fatales, films from the 1920s, flappers, frances farmer, francesca lia block, friends with benefits, ghada amer, ghost world, gypsy rose lee, hanging out in bookstores, harold & maude, harold lloyd, haunted hollywood hotels, hollywood forever cemetary, hollywood ghost stories, hollywood history, indian food, j.d. salinger, james dean, janeane garofalo, jayne mansfield, jean harlow, jean rhys, jeff buckley, jet girl, joseph cornell, jt leroy, kansas, kathleen hanna, kelly osbourne, langley schools music project, lauryn hill, lawrence, le tigre, leopold & loeb, lisa yuskavage, lita grey, louise brooks, mae west, making sketchbooks, margaret atwood, margaret kilgallen, marilyn monroe, mark ryden, milan kundera, moldy peaches, movies!, music, myla goldberg, natalie wood, new burlesque, nick drake, nina simone, old burlesque, old movie theatres, oona o'neill, pad thai, paper moon, pete & pete, pouty lips, queer kids, r.crumb, radical cheerleaders, reading, rebel without a cause, retro porn, retro raunch, rudolph valentino, rushmore, sal mineo, silent films, sleater-kinney, slumber party, starlets, sunset blvd., tank girl, tea, terminator2 yahoo group, thai food, the cat's meow, the gilmore girls, the pixies, the royal tennenbaums, to kill a mockingbird, torrid, trannies, truman capote, velvet goldmine, velvet underground, vietnamese food, vintage things, wes anderson films, white stripes, woody allen, writing